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Police & Law Enforcement Equipment Market 2015-2025

LONDON, December 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Militarisation of the Police & Modernisation of Essential Technologies 

Report Details  

Following events in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014, and Hong Kong in September, many commentators have focused upon the way in which law enforcement entities have seemingly become more militarised in recent years, utilising heavy vehicles, assault weapons, and advanced aircraft to deal with civil disturbances and public activism. This has specifically been the case in the United States, where as a benefit of the Department of Defense's 1003 program many departments have been able to acquire armoured vehicles fresh from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. However, more generally the momentum of the market is away from lethal technologies towards the kind of services and surveillance capabilities that enable departments to perform more effectively and efficiently with limited resources. So far this has entailed the development of city-wide surveillance programs with accompanying data-analytics, although there is further room for advancement as innovation progresses and rules and laws on the use of unmanned aerial systems are relaxed. This, combined with the increasing use of non-lethal weapon systems, even in countries usually invested in lethal-force systems, is entailing a progression of the law enforcement equipment market away from the traditional sectors of vehicles, firearms, and personal protection, and into new areas of fresh opportunity.

To see a report overview please email Sara Peerun on [email protected]

The momentum towards non-lethal weapons and greater surveillance is currently picking up speed in both Europe and North America, where Police Departments have come under intense scrutiny over both the level of force they are using and the way in which it is employed. As of present this is not a trend that is being replicated to the same extent in other areas such as Africa and Asia, as nations there generally remain dedicated to upgrading their existing lethal capabilities, and are committed to investing in new aircraft and vehicles. However, with the advent of so called 'safe cities', both in the East and the West, law enforcement entities are progressing to a much higher standard of operation, whereby adequate intelligence and information management capabilities are just as important as heavily armoured vehicles, and more powerful firearms. Accordingly, future growth in several submarkets is likely to be governed by a nations' ability to integrate each of its systems into a more coherent whole. With police numbers and funding still declining across most Western countries, it is likely that the main thrust of this will take place in countries like the U.S. in U.K., where police will be forced to utilise fewer resources in a more effective fashion. Visiongain assesses that the global police |& law enforcement equipment market will reach $6.99bn in 2015.

Why you should invest in the Police & Law Enforcement Equipment Market 2015-2025: Militarisation of the Police & Modernisation of Essential Technologies:
What is the future of the police & law enforcement equipment market? Visiongain's comprehensive analysis contains highly quantitative content delivering solid conclusions benefiting your analysis and illustrates new opportunities and potential revenue streams helping you to remain competitive. This definitive report will benefit your decision making and help to direct your future business strategy.

View global law enforcement equipment market forecasts and analysis from 2015-2025 to keep your knowledge ahead of your competition and ensure you exploit key business opportunities
The report provides detailed regional, national, and submarket sales projections of the market, analysis of the various competitors, and the market's commercial drivers and restraints, allowing you to more effectively compete. In addition to market forecasts covering the period 2015-2025, this new study brings together current market data, market share and submarket breakdown information, original critical analysis, and revealing insight into commercial developments. Why struggle to find key market data? Why miss crucial information? Our comprehensive report provides instant market insight

Our 470 page report provides 438 tables, charts and graphs, and 223 contracts, along with a thorough assessment of the current state of the law enforcement equipment market, where opportunities exist, and where barriers to entry are high.
Visiongain is one of the few business intelligence companies that provides full transcripts of primary research company interviews. Learn what industry thought leaders are thinking.
By reading the transcript of exclusive expert opinion interviews contained in the report you will keep up to speed with what is really happening in the industry. You will gain a thorough knowledge on the law enforcement sector finding strategic advantages for your work and will learn how your organisation can benefit, allowing you to assess prospects for investments and sales.
- Peter Keating, Director of Government Relations, General Dynamics Land Systems
- William J. Tsumpes, CEO, T3 Motion, Inc.

Discover sales predictions for the 9 key end use submarkets from 2015-2025
What are the dynamics driving law enforcement? How will regional and national markets expand? Which submarkets will generate the most revenue? Use our forecasts and expert insight to grow your business and gain more insight into the following 9 key submarkets. These 9 submarkets are at the global level, further subdivided by 6 regions providing 54 market spaces and also by 20 leading national markets revealing a further 180 market segments.
- Aircraft
- Vehicles
- Lethal
- Communications
- Non-Lethal
- Services
- Surveillance
- Screening

Understand the prospects for the leading national Law Enforcement Equipment Markets- where will the highest revenues and opportunities occur?
Learn about the market potential for law enforcement companies in the developed and developing countries, from 2014 onwards. You will see where and how opportunities exist with revealing individual market forecasts and analysis from 2015-2025 for 5 regions each broken down by the 9 submarkets: providing 54 discrete market spaces to study
- North America
- Asia Pacific
- Europe
- Middle East
- Africa
- Central & South America

And also for 20 leading national markets, each broken down by the 9 submarkets revealing a further 180 distinct market segments to analyse
- United States
- China
- India
- Saudi Arabia
- Russia
- Israel
- Turkey
- Japan
- Brazil
- U.K.
- Germany
- France
- South Africa
- Mexico
- Venezuela
- Canada
- Iraq
- Thailand
- Afghanistan
- Nigeria
- (Plus a Rest of the World Forecast)

Understand industry activity with detailed data revealing where companies are earning their revenues, with which products, and with which technology.

You will be able to examine several detailed tables containing 223 significant contracts, projects & programmes.
Explore the factors affecting product developers, and everyone within the value chain. Learn about the forces influencing market dynamics.

To see a report overview please email Sara Peerun on [email protected]

Discover what the present and future outlook for business will be. Learn about the following business critical issues:
- Research and development (R&D) strategy
- Technological issues and constraints.
- Supply and demand dynamics
- Competition from new product types
- Increasing specialisation by leading players
- Increasing industry consolidation.
- Advances in product quality
- Analysis of barriers to entry
- Demographic changes

Identify who the leading companies are in the law enforcement equipment market
Our report reveals the technologies and companies which hold the greatest potential. In particular, exploring and analyzing the activities of these companies: See where the expected gains will be. Prospects for advances in the law enforcement industry are strong, and from 2015 it holds many opportunities for revenue growth. View Visiongain's assesses the prospects for established competitors, rising companies, and new market entrants. Our work explains that potential, helping you stay ahead. Gain a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape with profiles of 20 leading companies examining their positioning, capabilities, product portfolios, strategies, M&A activity, and future outlook:
- 3M Company
- AgustaWestland NV
- Airbus Helicopters
- Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
- Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
- Digital Ally, Inc.
- General Dynamics Corporation
- Glock, GmbH
- Heckler & Koch, GmbH
- Lamperd Less Lethal
- MACE Security International
- MD Helicopters, Inc.
- Non-Lethal Technologies, Inc.
- PepperBall Technologies
- Safariland LLC
- Sig Sauer, GmbH
- Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
- T3 Motion, Inc.
- TASER International, Inc.

Discover Information found nowhere else in this independent assessment of the law enforcement market
The Police & Law Enforcement Equipment Market 2015-2025: Militarisation of the Police & Modernisation of Essential Technologies report provides extensive security sector analysis. With the independent business intelligence found only in our work, you will discover where the prospects are for profit. In particular, our new research provides you with key strategic advantages: Our informed forecasts, independent and objective analysis, exclusive interviews and revealing company profiles will provide you with that necessary edge, allowing you to gain ground over your competitors.

What makes this report unique?
Visiongain consulted widely with leading industry experts and full transcripts from exclusive interviews are included in the report. Visiongain's research methodology involves an exclusive blend of primary and secondary sources providing informed analysis. This methodology allows insight into the key drivers and restraints behind market dynamics and competitive developments. The report therefore presents an ideal balance of qualitative analysis combined with extensive quantitative data including global, submarket and regional markets forecasts from 2015-2025

Why choose Visiongain business intelligence?
Visiongain's; increasingly diverse sector coverage strengthens our research portfolio. The growing cross-sector convergence of key verticals and the interplay of game changing technologies across hitherto unrelated industries are creating new synergies, resulting in new business opportunities for you to leverage.

As such, visiongain's team of London based in-house analysts offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to inform your strategic business decisions.

How the Police & Law Enforcement Equipment Market 2015-2025: Militarisation of the Police & Modernisation of Essential Technologies will benefit you
Visiongain's report is for anyone requiring analysis of the Law Enforcement Equipment Market. You will discover market forecasts, technological trends, predictions and expert opinion providing you with independent analysis derived from our extensive primary and secondary research. Only by purchasing this report will you receive this critical business intelligence revealing where revenue growth is likely and where the lucrative potential market prospects are. Don't miss this key opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Avoid falling behind your competitors, overlooking critical business opportunities or losing industry influence. In our new report you will discover forecasts from 2015-2025 at the global, submarket, and national level. The report also assesses technologies, competitive forces and expected product pipeline developments. Read on to discover the prospects for the law enforcement sector and find out what its future market prospects are.

If you buy our report today your knowledge will stay one step ahead of your competitors. Discover how our report could benefit your research, analyses and strategic decisions, saving you time. To gain an understanding of how to tap into the potential of this market and stay one step ahead of the competition you must order the Police & Law Enforcement Equipment Market 2015-2025: Militarisation of the Police & Modernisation of Essential Technologies.

To request an exec summary of this report please email Sara Peerun at [email protected] or call Tel: +44(0)20-7336-6100

Or click on https://www.visiongain.com/Report/1352/Police-Law-Enforcement-Equipment-Market-2015-2025

Companies Listed on this report 

1476246 Ontario Ltd.
3D Robotics, Inc.
3M (East) AG
3M A, Cogent Inc.
3M Australia Pty. Ltd.
3M Ceradyne
3M Cogent
3M Company
3M Health Care Ltd., 3M Deutschland GmbH
3M Health Information Systems Inc.
3M Healthcare Ltd.
3M India Ltd.
3M Innovative Properties Company
3M Korea Ltd.
3M Northallerton
3M Precision Optics
3M Thailand Ltd.
3M Touch Systems Inc.
3M United Kingdom plc
3M Unitek Corp.
Aardvark Tactical Inc.
Aardvark Tactical, Inc.
ABA Body Armor
Advanced Government Solutions
Aearo Technologies LLC
AECOM Technology Corporation
Aeronautics Defence Systems Ltd.
AeroVironment Inc.
Aeryon Labs, Inc.
AgustaWestland Australia PTY Ltd.
AgustaWestland Do Brasil Ltda.
AgustaWestland España SL
AgustaWestland Holdings Ltd.
AgustaWestland India Private Ltd.
AgustaWestland International Ltd.
AgustaWestland Ltd.
AgustaWestland Malaysia SDN BHD
AgustaWestland North America Inc.
AgustaWestland NV
AgustaWestland Philadelphia Co.
AgustaWestland Politenico Advanced Rotorcraft Center SCARL
AgustaWestland Portugal SA
AgustaWestland Properties Ltd.
AgustaWestland S.p.A
AgustaWestland Tilt-Rotor Company, Inc.
Airbus Helicopters
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland
Airbus Helicopters España
Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
Allied Speciality Vehicles Inc.
ALP Aviation,
American Eurocopter
American Science & Engineering Inc.
Andrews International
Apple, Inc.
Applied Energetics, Inc.
Applied Physical Science Corporation
Armacel Armour Corporation
Armatix GmbH
Arveka TGS UAB
Associated Aircraft Group, Inc.
ATK Launch Systems Inc.
ATK Space Systems, Inc.
Audi AG
Aviat Networks
Aviation Industry Corporation of China
Aviation Specialities Unlimited (ASU)
Avigilon Corporation
Axis Communications
AxleTech International Inc.
BAE Systems plc
Bath Iron Works
Bell Aircraft Corporation
Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
Beretta S.p.A, Glock, Inc., IWI Ltd.
Bond Helicopters Europe
Bosch Security GmbH
Brainwave Science LLC
Brainwave Science LLC
Brammo, Inc.
Brekford Corp.
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Brügger & Thomet AG
Bushnell Corporation
Bushnell Group Holdings
Caliber Company
CarteNav Solutions, Inc.
Cassidian Communications
Central Station Security Systems Inc.
Chevron Nigeria Ltd. (CNL)
China Security & Surveillance Technology (CSST)
Chrysler Group LLC
Cobbs Industries
Colt Manufacturing Company LLC
Combined Systems, Inc.
Composite Technology (Canada) Company
Composite Technology Do Brasil LTDA
Composite Technology Inc.
Composite Technology International Pte Ltd.
Composite Technology Ltd.
Condor Non-Lethal Technologies
CUNO, Inc., 3M Canada
DCD Protected Mobility
Derco Aerospace Canada
Derco Aerospace Inc.
Desert Wolf
Diamond Airborne Sensing
Digital Ally, Inc.
Dönges GmbH & Co. KG
DynCorp International, PAE Group
Dyneon LLC
EADS Defence & Security
Eagle Copters Ltd.
Eagle Enterprise Inc.
Edesix Ltd.
Edesix Ltd.
Elbit Systems, Ltd.
Electric Launch Company
Elephant Talk Communications Corp.
Endeca Technologies Inc.
Enflite Inc.
Enterprise Control Systems Ltd.
Eurocopter de México S.A. (EMSA)
Eurocopter GmbH
E-Z Pach Manufacturing
Fabbrica D' Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A
Falco K-9
Federal Cartridge
Fiat S.p.A.
Finmeccanica S.p.A
FLIR Systems
FN Herstal
Ford Motor Company
Forensic Technology
Forjas Taurus S.A.
Fritz Käppner Säcke- und Planenfabrik
G4S Secure Solutions
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
General Dynamics Armament Systems Inc.
General Dynamics C4 Systems
General Dynamics Corporation
General Dynamics Electric Boat
General Dynamics Government Systems Corp.
General Dynamics Information Technologies Inc.
General Dynamics Information Technology
General Dynamics Itronix Corporation
General Dynamics Land Systems
General Dynamics Land Systems
General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems Inc.
General Dynamics OTS Inc.
General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Inc.
General Dynamics United Kingdom Ltd.
General Electric
General Motors
General Motors Corporation
Genetec, Inc.
Glock (H.K.) Ltd
Glock America N.V
Glock Middle East FZE
Glock, GmbH
Glock, Inc.
Government Surveillance Grant
Gulfstream Aerospace
Hanger One Avionics
Hawk Protection
Heckler & Koch Defense
Heckler & Koch France SAS
Heckler & Koch GmbH
Heckler & Koch Sidearms GmbH
Helicopter Support Inc.
Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd.
Helmut Hofmann GmbH
Hercules Aerospace Company
Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Ltd.
Holiday Rambler
Honeywell International Inc.
Humbert CTTS
Huntington Beach Police Helicopters
IBS Sigma, Inc.
IC Bus
ICOP Digital, Inc.
IdeaForge Technology
IES Interactive Training
Industrial Vision Source
Integrated Microwave Technologies
Israel Weapon Industries
IWI US, Inc.
Jet Aviation
KBP Instrument Design Bureau
L-1 Identity Solutions
Lamperd Less Lethal
Lawmen Supply Company
Lenco Armored Vehicles
Lenco Industries
Life Port, Inc.
Lifeport Inc.
Linkstar Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation
LRAD Corporation
Mace Central Station
Mace Personal Defence
MACE Security International
Mace Security Products
Mahindra Truck and Bus Division
McDonnel Douglas
MD Helicopters, Inc.
Meggitt Training Systems
Meguiars, Inc.
Metal Storm, Inc.
Metallwerk Elisenhütte GmbH
MKU Pvt. Ltd.
MorphoTrust USA
MOWAG GmbH, Ateon Ltd.
Mustang Survival Inc.
Mustang Survival Mfg Inc.
MWM International Motors
My Green Fleet
National Helicopters, Inc.
National ICT Australia
National Steel and Shipbuilding Company
NAVISTAR Defense Inc.
Navistar Defense LLC
NEC Corporation
NICE Systems Ltd.
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
Night Flight Concepts
Non-Lethal Technologies, Inc.
NWI Industries
Olin Corporation
Open Kernal Labs
Orlando Pirates
Oryx GTL
Oshkosh Corporation
OVIK Special Vehicles
Pacific Safety Products Inc.
Panasonic Corporation
Patria Helicopters AB
Patriarch Partners LLC
PepperBall Technologies, Inc.
Petroleos Mexicano (PEMA)
Police Aviation Services
Power Sonix
Public Safety Corporation, Inc.
PZL Mielec
PZL Mielec, Schweizer Aircraft Corporation
QinetiQ Group plc
Qnap Security
Quadrant Security Group
RDM Holding Inc.
Remington Arms Company LLC
Rightmark Holdings Ltd.
Riker Laboratories, Inc.
Royal Dutch Shell
RSG Aviation, Inc.
Ruag Ammotec GmbH
Russia Today (RT)
Russian Helicopters
Safariland LLC
Samsung Electronics
SAN Swiss Arms
Savage Arms
Scientific Anglers
Segway, Inc.
Setolite Lichttechnik GmbH
Shandong Huawei Group
Shanghai Sikorsky Aircraft Company
Siemens AG
Sig Sauer GmbH
Sig Sauer, Inc.
Sikorsky Aerospace Services
Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Ltd.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
Sikorsky Fractional Sales, Inc.
Sikorsky Global Helicopters
Sikorsky Global Helicopters Inc.
Sikorsky Helitech
Sikorsky Support Services Inc.
Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson Holding Company
Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation
Sony Corporation
Specialist Aviation Services (SAS)
SST Truck Company, LLC
Steyr Mannlicker, GmbH & Co.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.
Sumitomo 3M Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.
T3 Motion, Inc.
TASER International, Inc.
TeleCommunications Systems, Inc.
Teleste Corporation
Tero Solutions
Textron, Inc.
The Gun Shop
The Machine Lab
Thoihol Propulsion
Toyota Kenya
Turkish Aeronautical Industries
Tyco Fire & Security
U.S. Investigations Services, LLC
UAB Safariland International
UI International
Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology
Uniflight LLC
United Technologies Corporation (UTC)
US Investigations Services LLC
Vangent Holding Corp.
Vangent Inc.
Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services-North America
Venture Tape Corp.
Veritas Capital
Vertex Antennetechnik GmbH
Vidisco Ltd.
Vimicro International
Workhorse Custom Chassis
Y3K Group

List of Organisations Mentioned in this Report
Abu Dhabi Police
Afghan Ministry of Defence
Afghan National Army (ANA)
Afghan National Police (ANP)
Afghan Taliban
al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)
Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS)
Angola National Police Force Helicopter Unit
Army of the Republic of South Vietnam (ARVN) ( Lục quân Việt Nam Cộng hòa)
Atlanta Police Department, U.S.
Australian Federal Police
Australian National Counter Terrorism Committee
Avon & Somerset Police, U.K.
Baden Württemberg Police, Germany
Bahia Public Security Department, Turkey
Baltimore City Police Department, Maryland, U.S.
Bedfordshire Police (U.K.)
Beijing Municipal Security Bureau, China
Bel Air Police Department, U.S.
Belgian Federal Police
Birmingham Police Department, Alabama, U.S.
Boko Haram
Bolivian Air Force
Brazilian National Police
British Transport Police, U.K.
Bulgarian Border Police
Bulgarian National Police
Calgary Police Service (CPS)
Cambridge Police Force (U.K.)
Cambridgeshire Police (U.K.)
Carabineros de Chile
Cheshire Police (U.K.)
Chino Police Department, California, U.S.
City of Houston, Texas, U.S.
City of London Police (U.K.)
Cleveland Police (U.K.)
Communist Party of China (CPP)
Cookville Police Department, Tennessee, U.S.
Croatian Police
Cumbria (U.K.)
Cypriot Ministry of Justice
Dailan Municipal Security Bureau, China
Dallas Police Department, Texas, U.S.
Delaware State Police, Delaware, U.S.
Derbyshire Police (U.K.)
Devon & Cornwall Police (U.K.)
Dorset Police (U.K.)
Dubai Police
Durham Police (U.K.)
Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice
Dyfed-Powys Police (U.K.)
East Marlborough Township Police Department, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Essex Police (U.K.)
European Police Congress
Fairfax County Police Department, Virginia, U.S.
Fédération Internationale de Football Association (International Federation of Association Football) (FIFA)
Finnish Border Guard
Florida Department of Financial Services, Florida, U.S.
Fort Polk Police Department, Louisiana, U.S.
French Ministry of Interior
French National Gendarmerie
French National Police
Fukuoka Prefectural Police, Japan
Gaithersburg Police Department, Maryland, U.S.
Gendaramerie (France)
Georgian Strategic Pipeline Protection Department (SPPD)
German Federal Police
German Federal Police (Bundespolizei)
German Federal Police Flying Squadron
German Police (Landespolizei)
German Police Special Response Force (Landespolizei Spezialeinsatzkommandos)
Gibson County Council, Indiana, U.S.
Gibson County Sheriff's Department, Indiana, U.S.
Gloucestershire Police (U.K.)
Greater Manchester Police (U.K.)
Greek Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection
Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei (GSG-9)
Guangxi Police Province, China
Guatemalan National Police
Gujarat Police, India
Guyana Police Force
Gwent Police (U.K.)
Halton Regional Police, Canada
Hampshire Police (U.K.)
Hefei Police Department, China
Hertfordshire Police (U.K.)
Hiroshima Prefectural Police, Japan
Hokkaido Prefectural Police, Japan
Hong Kong Police Force, China
Houston Police Department Air Support Division, Texas, U.S.
Houston Police Department, Texas, U.S.
Hyogo Prefecutural Police, Japan
Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation
Indian Federal Police
Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division
Institute for the Analysis of Global Security
International Association of Chiefs of Police
Iraqi Oil Protection Force (OPF)
ISIS / Islamic State / ISIL
Italian Guardia di Finanza
Italian Police
Japan National Police Agency (JPNA)
Jersey City Police, U.S.
Jiaozuo Police, China
Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners, Kansas, U.S.
Kent Police (U.K.)
Kenyan Police Service
Kenyan Police Service Air Wing
Knoxville Police Department, Tennessee, U.S.
Korean National Police Agency
Kurdish Workers Party (PKK)
Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
Kuwaiti Police Air Wing
Kuwaiti Police Aviation Services
Kyoto Police, Japan
Lancashire Police (U.K.)
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada, U.S.
Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT)
Laurel Police Department, Maryland, U.S.
Leicestershire Police (U.K.)
Lincolnshire Police (U.K.)
Lompoc City Council, California, U.S.
London Metropolitan Police Service, U.K.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, California, U.S.
Los Rojos
Los Zetas
Maine Department of Education, Maine, U.S.
Maine Federal Bureau of Investigation, Maine, U.S.
Maine State Police, Maine, U.S.
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
Marietta Police Department, U.S.
Maryland State Police Aviation Command, Maryland, U.S.
Maryland State Police, Maryland, U.S.
Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts, U.S.
Merseyside Police (U.K.)
Mesquite Police Department, Texas, U.S.
Metropolitan Police (U.K.)
Mexican Federal Police
Michigan Department of Community Health, Michigan, U.S.
Michigan Department of Corrections, Michigan, U.S.
Michigan Department of Human Service, Michigan, U.S.
Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Michigan, U.S.
Michigan Department of State, Michigan, U.S.
Michigan Department of Technology, Michigan, U.S.
Michigan Gaming Control Board, Michigan, U.S.
Michigan State Administrative Board, Michigan, U.S.
Michigan State Police, Michigan, U.S.
Michigan State Police, U.S.
Monroe Police Department, New York, U.S.
Moroccan Auxiliary Forces
Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND)
Nagaono Prefectural Police, Japan
Namibian Ministry of Safety & Security
Namibian Police Force Air Wing
Nanning Public Security Bureau, China
Nashville Metro, Tennessee, U.S.
Nashville Metropolitan Police Department, Tennessee, U.S.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
National Association of Police Fleet Managers, U.K.
National Emergency Number Association, U.S.
National Police CBRN Centre, U.K.
National Police Improvement Agency, U.K.
New Jersey State Police, New Jersey, U.S.
New Orleans Police Department, Louisiana, U.S.
New York Police Department (NYPD), U.S.
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
New Zealand Police Force
Nigeria Emergency Management Agency
Nigeria Police Air Wing
Nigerian Police Force
Norfolk Police (U.K.)
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
North Wales Police (U.K.)
North Yorkshire Police (U.K.)
North Yorkshire Police, U.K.
Northamptonshire Police (U.K.)
Northumbria Police (U.K.)
Norwegian National Police Directorate
Nottinghamshire Police (U.K.)
Ontario Police Department, Canada
Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Canada
Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon, U.S.
Osaka Prefectural Police, Japan
Pakistani Taliban (TTP)
Pasadena Police Department, California, U.S.
Pennsylvania State Capitol Police, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania, U.S.
People's Armed Police of China
People's Protection Units (YPG)
Philippine National Police Force
Phoenix Police Department, Arizona, U.S.
Pittsboro Police Department, Indiana, U.S.
Police Scotland, U.K.
Police Service of Northern Ireland, U.K.
Policía Nacional del Perú
Polk County Sheriff's Office, Florida, U.S.
Puebla Municipality, Mexico
Queensland State Police, Australia
Quito Aerial Police Service, Ecuador
Quito Metropolitan Public Security and Civic Engagement Logistics Agency, Mexico
Racine County Sheriff's Department, Milwaukee, U.S.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police F Division
Royal Canadian Mounted Police O Division
Russian Ministry of Interior
San Antonio Police Department, Texas, U.S.
Sao Paolo Special Police, Brazil
Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, China
Sinaloa Cartel
Singapore Police Department
Slovenian National Police
South African National Defence Force (SANDF)
South African Police Service (SAPS)
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Aviation Unit, U..S
South Wales Police (U.K.)
South Yorkshire Police (U.K.)
Spanish Guardia Civil
Spanish Ministry of Interior
Spanish National Police Force
Springfield Police Department, Massachusetts, U.S.
St. Louis County Police Department, Missouri, U.S.
Staffordshire Police (U.K.)
Suffolk County Police Department, New York, U.S.
Suffolk Police (U.K.)
Sûreté Nationale (National Police) (France)
Surrey Police (U.K.)
Sussex Police (U.K.)
Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing
Swedish National Police
Taiwan Aviation Police
Taiyun Police Department, China
Tartarstan Interior Ministry, Russia
Thames Valley Police (U.K.)
Thüringer Polizei, Germany
Tianjin Police Department, China
Tijuana Municipality, Mexico
Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Japan
Transparency International
Turkish Ministry of Interior
Turkish National Intelligence Agency (Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı) (MiT)
Turkish National Police
Turkish National Police Under secretariat for Defence Industries
Turkish Prime Minister's Office
U.K. National Police Air Service
U.S. Army
U.S. Border Patrol
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
U.S. Customs & Border Protection Agency (CBP)
U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
U.S. Department of Defense Counter Narcoterrorism Program Office
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Interior
U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons
U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre
U.S. Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO)
U.S. Marine Corps. (USMC)
U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)
U.S. State Department
U.S. State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
Ugandan Ministry of Internal Affairs
Union of German Police
United Nations (UN)
Virginia Department of State Police Aviation Unit, Virginia, U.S.
Virginia State Police Aviation Unit, Virginia, U.S.
Warwickshire Police (U.K.)
West Mercia Police (U.K.)
West Midlands Police (U.K.)
West Yorkshire Police (U.K.)
Wiltshire Police (U.K.)
Winnipeg Police Department, Canada
York Regional Police, Canada
Zhejiang Public Security Bureau, China

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SOURCE Visiongain

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